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2023Classic 4 Plus (Plus Tax) 4 Passengers

2023Classic 4 Plus (Plus Tax) 4 Passengers

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48V Lithium 130AH C4825 48V 25A


1232SE 400AMP 48V 6.3KW AC MOTOR 14"Alum Wheel/215/35R14 Radial DOT Tire Mechanical 10.25:1 25MPH 1,Foldable windshield
2,New dashboard with colored cover
3,HDK front end
4,Luxury two tone seat
5,Full DOT seat belts
6,Headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn
7,Luxury Steering Wheel
8,Rear view mirror
10. USB
11. 9 inch touchscreen with back-up camera
12. Decorative strip
13. Colored decorative wheel trim
1. MSO
2. VIN number
3. License plate light
4. Reflector
5. DOT foldable acrylic windshield
6. Full DOT seat belts