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FVP Battery

FVP Battery

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All of FVP's 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf batteries feature:

Calcium/Calcium Grid Alloy Reduces gassing and extends intervals between watering. Provides excellent corrosion resistance for longer life.

Higher Density Paste Optimizes energy density and prolongs cycle life by resisting material shedding and plate deterioration.

Fiber Reinforced Separators Helps retain cell compression during cycling and improves plate life in high vibration applications.

Optimized Plate Design Balances structural design with performance. Reduces common failure modes found in Deep Cycle batteries.

Popular Configurations The GC2, GC8 and 12-volt golf cart products are available in several configurations making it easy to provide your customer with exactly what they need.

Convenient Carry Handle Simplifies installation and provides an easy, safe method of handling the batteries.